Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Door Makeover in This Old House magazine... WOW!

Well, how excited am I? I just received a phone call that This Old House magazine needs a "head shot" for the July issue. R U kidding me? They want to feature my faux carriage garage doors.

It is a feature called "Cheapskate Hall of Fame". How great is that? Since the makeover only cost me $65, I guess I qualify. :-)

Last summer was dedicated to giving my front door and garage door makeovers as well as a new house paint color. Here are the Before & Afters:

Good-bye wrought iron railing. I also had a 4 x 4 cement extension of my front step. I love it - it makes such a difference.

The step-by-step tutorial is here:

Happy Thursday!


  1. Congratulations!! How exciting.

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  3. You must be very proud to have your house featured in a magazine. Only few people have this kind of opportunity, and I’m pretty sure your friends and neighbors are jealous of that. Well, your door makeover definitely deserves to be in a magazine because I can see how you really worked hard to achieve this kind of enhancement.

    >Maricela Milum

    1. Maricela - thank you SO much for your sweet comment. It was the garage door that made it into the "Cheapskate Hall of Fame" in This Old House. Because I was able to do it for only $65 they thought it was worthy. :-) Thank you again!

  4. No wonder your door made it into the "Cheapskate Hall of Fame". For a limited budget, an old door was given a wonderful transformation worthy of recognition. Also, thanks for sharing the step-by-step tutorial!

    -Roosevelt Franklin @ ClearChoiceWin