Sunday, August 3, 2014

Guest Bedroom Makeover .... 30 Day Challenge!

One of my favorite blogs to read almost everyday is  I am sure you are a fan as almost everyone is.  :-)  Recently, I saw this post and it was on a blog called Thrift Diving.  It was about ending decoration procrastination and finally getting to that room that you have been putting off for one reason or another.  We've all been there - I still am and so I decided to get involved in the next round this August!

This started August 1 and we have 30 days to complete the project from start to finish.  It seems like a long time but wow, here it is a few days in and I have made very little progress.  I'm starting to panic and we are only 3 days in... not a good sign!  :-)

I have decided to tackle the dreaded middle bedroom in my house.  It now resembles an in-house storage unit more than a bedroom.  It has become the catch all place for all of my holiday decorations and Disney items.  What a waste of space!  I have decided to tackle it head on.  Here are the pictures of the space .....

PLEASE BE WARNED - THE FOLLOWING IMAGES MAY BE UPSETTING TO SENSITIVE VIEWERS!  LOL - Seriously not kidding!  Just remember.... don't judge me please!

Don't ask me what happened to Santa's head - I have no idea!  LOL  Hopefully, I will find it before Christmas arrives.  ;-)

That mountain of stuff is actually four large bins stacked on top of one another.  I am realizing I have WAY too much Christmas stuff.  It is time to lighten the load.

More wallpaper and lace window treatments over vertical blinds.  YES, I said vertical blinds. And you can see a LOT of wallpaper.  There will be a pang of sadness as I tackle this room because my Mom so loved the Victorian inspired wallpaper and draperies.  But I know if she was still here, she would be helping me strip the walls clean to ready them for paint.  I just know how much she loved this room.

I am looking to have a dark grey room with bright white accents!  I have almost everything needed to do this room over as I have been hoarding things for a few years now.  Whenever I saw a great deal on something for the room I envisioned, I would buy it and store it away.  Here are some things I have at the ready:

This is the picture from the Craigslist ad for a bedroom set.  I purchased this and it has been sitting in my garage for a few years now.  Here are the pieces I have to scrape and re-paint!

I still love the lines of this set!  I am going to paint it white again but the paint they used is textured and they didn't do a very good job.  So it needs to be stripped down and painted again.  I am going to paint the hardware silver instead of oil rubbed bronze.  I want a more polished look.

I found this bench at a thrift store and I love the lines of it.  It is also going to be painted white and the cushion reupholstered.  The top has three marble inlays which may pose a problem but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.  

I found it to be strikingly similar  to the one in this inspiration photo...

I also found this accent chair at HomeGoods that has been sitting in plastic waiting to be put into place. I can't wait until the room to be done so I can take the plastic off and have a seat.

So that is the plan for this makeover!  I am not sure I will make the August 31st deadline, but even if I don't, I will be that much further along than I would have been.  Obviously, emptying the room will be a daunting task.  I don't have very much storage space and I have a bunch of decorations for Halloween and Christmas.  I would hate to part with them simply because I don't have anywhere to put them in the off-season.  But if I stay focused on how the room will look once completed, I know I will find a way!


  1. I dont know how to contact you. I just joined blogging, however I've been doing the dance around since a long time <3. I would like to ask you, to not throw away those lace curtains, please send a panel or two to me and I will make you something in rememerance of your Mom you can keep in the room. I promise it will be elegant and blingy and will match your room to the T. Not sure how you can reach me except maybe over FB?

  2. Hello Severine! Aren't you just the sweetest? To be perfectly honest, the curtains have seen their better day. They are dirty and very worn. Thank you so much again for the offer.