Sunday, June 29, 2014

HomeGoods clearance finds became ... This!

I am addicted to HomeGoods!  I always have been.  I have even resorted to giving it up for Lent, along with TJ Maxx and Marshall's... The real holy trinity!  Lol.

I recently found this in the clearance section for $10!  Granted it was really beat up and missing a pocket, but I could totally see the potential that it had. Plus, it was only $10!!  So, I bought it and it was sitting in my garage and I showed it to my sister.  So she moved the pocket and painted it.  It looked awesome except for the big blank spot at the top.  

Then I remembered two plaques I bought a while ago because I loved them!  They went into my "I don't know what I'm going to do with this but I don't want someone else to get it and I know I'll use it someday" bin!  Do you do this too?  

So I glued the adorable Seaside crab plaque to the top and I couldn't love it more!  All for $24!  A sweet summer HomeGoods find!

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