Thursday, October 3, 2013

Stone accent wall 99.999% complete...

It has been a busy week in my living room makeover.  The stone accent wall is almost complete!  I still have to mortar and strike the joints, adjust the downlighting and finish the air vents.

One of my decisions was whether to use crown molding or continue the stone up to the ceiling. Since this is a living and I wanted a more polished than rustic look, I decided to use white crown molding and molding corner blocks.  I am glad I did this and I love the trimmed look.  

I placed two battery operated puck lights for a lighting effect.  In the future, I may install wired downlighting but these work for now. I love them!   They were $20 for a package of two at Lowes and can be placed anywhere.  You simply peel and stick and they come with 6 AA batteries!  When are batteries EVER included?   And they are LED so I am hoping the battery life will be longer than normal.  They also have a high and low setting.  I couldn't be more pleased with the look!  But I may add a third because the ends seem dark.

I am quite excited to finish the room and I hope the wall adds some pop to the coastal New England look I am hoping to achieve.  I just set a throw rug down to see how the room may look when completed.  

I removed the conventional air returns and am trying a project I found on Pinterest.  I will share the details in a post once completed!   

Hopefully this will be done next week as I am now focusing on the ceiling treatment.  A lot of indecisiveness here - I need to get busy!  Thanks for stopping by.  

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