Monday, July 30, 2012

The Olympic Spirit Continues a Family Tradition...

I have always LOVED the Olympic games.  When I was in high school, my Dad and I made these rings and we always hung them on the front peak of the house.  Since then, be it winter or summer, they continue to go up during every Olympic games.  We would flip the switch on the spotlight once the torch lit the Olympic cauldron during the opening ceremonies.  During the closing ceremonies, once the flame was extinguished, we would turn off the spotlight until the next Olympiad.

Our entire family would gather around the TV every night and cheer on TEAM USA and the athletes from around the world.  I remember decorating the house in red, white and blue and when McDonald's used to give out the medal count board, we hung on the wall to keep track of the events.  Coming home from school or work, to see the rings hanging and lit always was such a source of pride and patriotism.  They now are also a tribute to my Dad as I also hang them in his honor.  Passersby still honk and give a thumbs up which I return.  And that always makes me smile.
The rings during a past winter Olympiad - with the old REALLY green paint color. (Ick!)  :-)
I will always cherish the memories of sitting in front of the TV with my parents and brother and sisters watching the ONE TV channel which showed the games.   Now, the rings not only represent the anticipation and excitement of the present Olympic games but the warm memories, laughter and tears of games gone by.  GO TEAM USA!

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