Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mid-Summer Planter Spruce-Up...

Just dropped the hanging basket into the planter - Perfectly perfect!
This heat this summer in Chicago is unbelievable.  The flowers and lawns are so dry and nothing is looking as pretty as it should mid July.  So, as I looked at my pathetic planter, I decided to do something about it.  You can see one fried plant which was once a glorious purple pansy.  This along with  the boxwood hedge which needed a major trim made for quite the awful looking display.

BEFORE:  Yikes - overgrown boxwood hedge and totally dead planter.

This was once overflowing with purple and white pansies.  UGH!

So passing the HOME DEPOT, I decided to see if they had any striking annuals on clearance.  TA-DA!  I found this amazing hanging basket for only $5.88 on clearance.  SWEET!

I removed the handle from the bucket and simply put it in place.  The plant is so full that it completely hides the white bucket - INSTANT PLANTER.  :-)  So I trimmed the boxwood hedge, added some new mulch and it looks so much better.  So, for about the cost of an hour of my time and $6, my planter now adorable and it makes me smile every time I walk to the front door.

AFTER:  So much better! 


  1. Tracy....I saw your carriage garage door pics. OMG girl. Talent! I love them. I wish I could pull that off! I could use your help! I am nearing the end of our kitchen face-lift. I painted the cabinets from ugly yellowy-orange builder-grade oak to a "lovely buff". Painted the laminate countertops (this is my 6th time now! I've been busy). The laminate was beige. Now they are shiny, sleek black- with a cloudy look & sort of soapstone-looking. I only have a few kitchen pics up now. The project is underway, with the tile backsplash going up this weekend. HOWEVER...I need HELP choosing a grout color! Please help? I'm thinking dark, for some contrast. It's travertine & glass....check out the pics & let me know?

    1. Susan - firstly - it looks AMAZING so far. Secondly - dark grout will not make the tile pop - I think it will actually take away from the tile. I would use a natural color grout or the beige as you originally planned. If you want to accent it - I would buy some small puck lights and place a few under your cabinets. The downlight will accentuate the backsplash and also highlight your counters. Or if you want to do it on the cheap - rope lighting secured up under the cabinets casts a warm glow and can be removed at any time. Under $20 bucks. :-) Good luck!

  2. Hey Tracy. Thanks. Yes, we went with a grout color called "Bone". Light - like the cabinet color. We JUST installed all the tile yesterday ourselves (me and Hubby - still happily married after the tile job I might add!!). It has TRANSFORMED the space. OMG. I visualized the end-result, but even I couldn't visualize THIS! Also, hubby did install rope lighting from IKEA a few weeks ago, and it does in fact give a warm glow. :) He also installed lighting in our corner cabinet with the glass insert. Today we grout the tile, and in a few days, I'll have the space cleaned and put back together so it's photo-worthy. :) Thanks again for the grout tip. In the end, after much debate, I knew a light grout was the right choice for THIS project. :)