Monday, April 30, 2012

I LOVE glass milk bottles!

I love milk.  I always have.  I love milk with cookies and cereal but I'm also quirky in that I love milk with  pizza, spaghetti, even a burger.  :-)  But I am not thrilled with the plastic milk containers.  They take up so much room in the fridge and are heavy to pour when it is a fresh gallon.

Recently, on a trip to HomeGoods, I saw this little beauty.  It is a bluish clear glass with a sealed top and has the image of a cow being milked on the front.  It was only $4.99 and so I couldn't pass it up.  A few days later I saw this smaller bottle at the Christmas Tree Shops and it was only $1.99.

Now, when I bring home milk, I pour it into the bottles, rinse out the plastic gallon and recycle it.  Did you know, according to the EPA, only 29% of the plastic milk containers get recycled.  The rest end up in the landfills.

That is awful when so many amazing things are made out recycled milk cartons.    Like an igloo.  :-)

It may just be my imagination but the milk seems colder and tastes better coming out of a glass bottle.  And it looks so much cuter on the kitchen table at meal time.  Give it a try!  Once you go glass, you'll never go back!

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