Monday, April 2, 2012

Habitat for Humanity "Re-Store" Kitchen light! Woo hoo!

I really had no intention of changing out my kitchen light.  The one that is there is fine and I spray painted it black about two years ago and I like it.  But today I took a trip to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in South Bend, Indiana - I love this place!  It is about 10 minutes from the University of Notre Dame.  It had the most awesome molding too but I didn't have a way to get it home today.  I will be back!

In their lighting department, there was this gorgeous light hanging there.  It was listed as a carriage light and was NEW in the box.  It is black and has beveled glass.  It was only $35!  It looks like it will be perfect for over the kitchen table.  And I joined their preferred club for $5.00 and got another 25% off!  SWEET!  I also bought a new 5 x 7 area rug for only $36.95 I am going to use for my kitchen but I am going to give it a slight makeover with some fabric paint.

The light is quite large at 32" in length, but I love the look of an oversized lantern over a table.

I am still trying to decide on a kitchen paint color.  I thought I had it all figured out with ICE RINK by Martha Stewart but then I was looking through the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and found HEAVEN ON EARTH by Benjamin Moore.  I only want to to this once so I am taking my time to make sure it is the perfect color.
Martha Stewart:  ICE RINK
Benjamin Moore:  Heaven on Eart

But now I am totally motivated because I want to put up my light so the paint color decision needs to get done.  More updates to come...


  1. Checkout the Benjamin Moore color "Kentucky Haze." I used it in my bathroom and my neighbor used for her's a lovely blue-y grey that I just love. I have a black vanity and oil-rubbed bronze fixtures with it and it just "pops." I can send you a photo if you'd like! Lee

    1. Hello Lee! Thank you for the suggestion. I will put it on the list to consider. Thanks!