Friday, December 16, 2011

OMG! Amazing lotion alert! Honey Naturals Bee Balm!

So my sister and I went Christmas shopping last night which is an oxymoron because when we are together we end up buying more for ourselves than the people on our list.  :-)  Case in point I picked up the cutest black patent leather bow flats - Merry Christmas to me!   Sorry just SO excited about my shoes....

We went into this swanky (don't we love that word?) and they had this product up at the counter.  It is like a small round cake of soap type item and comes in an adorable little tin.  You hold it between your hands to warm it and then round you can rub it over your hands, elbows, heels, knees, cuticles, etc.  And those of us who live in a cold climate know the dry skin season is already full on.  They also had lip lotion!

We didn't buy any of the products because we are trying stick to a debt diet and eliminate wasteful spending.  But now I am wishing I had invested the $16 for a tin ($11) and a lip balm ($5).  We tried it and it was SO soothing and smelled wonderful  It wasn't sticky and the smell didn't linger.  By the time we were sitting down eating chips and guacamole, the smell was gone so it didn't interfere with our dinner.  I woke up this morning, even after washing my hands several times and my hands are so soft.   I immediately phoned my sister to tell her we were idiots!  :-)

I Googled the company and here is the information:  Honey House Naturals

It appears their products are all natural.  The lip lotion contains no petroleum or petrolatum which my oncologist told me to avoid and told me even people without cancer should avoid.  So right now go snag your lip balm and check the ingredients - LOTS of icky chemicals we end up swallowing.  That is why I normally use Burt's Bees peppermint lip balm - GREAT STUFF and all natural!  Cheap too!  ***TIP - I buy most of my health and beauty products at Bed Bath and Beyond because you can use BOTH manufacturer's coupons and the 20% BBB coupons.  How great is that? ***

Anyway, they have different scents and flavors and they even have an amazing Santa Sale going on.  I am no way affiliated with this company - it is just a great product we discovered last night and thought I would share it.  Anything we can do to avoid the dry skin and lips and cracked cuticles - I hate that - so painful!

Via their store locator, I found it at a local health food store so I think I am going to take a little drive.  This also makes a great gift as it is one of those things we wouldn't buy for ourselves but when you get it as a gift you wonder how you ever survived without it.  I love those kinds of presents.  Happy Friday - enjoy your weekend and the last Sunday of Advent.  Already?  Yikes.

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