Saturday, December 17, 2011

My $5 front door spray!

Season's Greetings!  Today I wanted to share my ridiculously inexpensive front door spray.  I found the two pieces at a thrift store over the summer.  There is a lovely religious second hand store which has a Christmas section all year long and I love to go in there in July and find the most awesome things most people pass over because it is 90 degrees outside!  :-)

I found this short sprig of holly for $2.25 and I think it was meant to go over a picture or doorway.  Then I found this balled up piece of garland in a bin and when I unfurled it in the store I saw it had a hanger on the top and it was a spray!  YAY!  $2 cannot be beat!

I LOVE holly!   I embellish everything with it.  My evergreens, picture sprays, scarves, even my hair.  It always looks so festive like an Old Fashioned English Dickensian Classic Christmas.  
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I put the two together and magic.  I love it!  And it makes me even happier when I know it was less than $5!  I also decided to follow the arch of my front entryway - the first time I have done this.  I normally follow directly across the top.  I like it.  

The sleigh is a work in progress.  I added the sleigh bells and I am working on a crest for the back and hope to have it done before Christmas Eve.  We all know Santa needs it for his big trip.

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