Monday, April 11, 2016

I painted my ceiling NAVY blue!!

If you are like me,  you can sit on Pinterest and simply wile away the hours!  My taste can go from coastal chic to farmhouse to cottage to traditional and everything inbetween.  There are SO many gorgeous home decor pictures that I want them all!

I have a Pinterest board called, My Love Affair With Navy Blue!    So, when I was totally bored with my foyer,  I decided to add a touch or two of the old standby, navy blue.

Now the above picture - unfortunately - is NOT my house!  But it is my "go to" inspiration picture and I have been in love with this look for years.  I wish I could source it - it just always shows up in my Google searches.  Its fantastic and amazing.

We are on Spring Break and normally this week would be filled with tennis practice, tennis matches and tennis tournaments.  Unfortunately, the weather here in Chicago has been more like Christmas break rather than Spring so alas, I have a bit more free time on my hands.

I went to Lowes to look at paint colors for the grey walls and maybe a navy for the interior side of the front door.  And there it was.  Sitting on the "OOPS PAINT" shelf just begging me to go big or go home.  I found a can of oops paint in Salty Dog - a royal navy blue.  The great thing about it is that it perfectly matched the accent wallpaper I was considering.  I feel like the decorating stars were aligning and screaming that I was on the right track!

Currently, the foyer was a traditional butter yellow and white with accents of navy.  Your pretty classic stuff.  I tried the whole industrial thing but it wasn't really me or my house so I decided I needed to change things up a bit but not straying too far away from traditional decor which is me.

I bought the paint and even got an additional 5% off with my Lowes credit card - BONUS - and checked the weather forecast to make sure that it was indeed snowing and raining so I knew I wouldn't have to go to work this day.  All systems were go!

This was the first coat.  The instant that it was up on the ceiling - I LOVED IT!  But I didn't love the roller marks.  No worries - the second coat would take care of that.  Um, no.  Maybe the third coat?  NOPE!  How about the 4th coat - OMG this is ridiculous.  But I absolutely knew what I was doing wrong..... PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE was this horrendous sponge roller...

I knew the minute I started painting that I should immediately STOP and go and buy a regular nap roller, but it was snowing and icky and I just hoped that I could get away with this.  Here is what I was stuck with - it was awful...

It looked awful.  So then I went out and bought a big girl roller and after one coat - all was right with the world.  I could almost hear my Dad lecturing me from Heaven about being lazy and using the right tool for the right job.  Enter this lifesaver....

And sure enough - it coated in one coat and it looked like this upon application...

And from the flip side.... it was still drying in these pictures.

I still have to add trim on the other side, remove the tape and do a few touch ups but I am really excited about the new look for the foyer.  I already bought the grey paint - that is a whole nuther story for another post to come and hopefully I should be done later this week!  Until then.... Cheers!