Monday, September 28, 2015

Thrift Stores + Spray Paint = Unique and Fun Halloween Decorations!

I love Halloween!  I love thrift shopping!  And I love spray paint!  Put them all together and you get this post!  LOL

I found this very pink princess castle at Savers for only $3.99!  But in my head I totally saw HOGWARTS!  The brick walls, the turrets, the large doors.  So to the horror of little girls everywhere, I pulled out the black spray paint!

I didn't use a plastic-specific spray paint.  I just went to the shelf in the garage and grabbed my favorite spray paint ACE Hardware premium enamel.  I love that fact that it covers very well and dries so quickly.

As soon as I was done I was SO excited!  My vision had become a reality and yes, it really did remind me of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from Harry Potter.  Yes, I am a proud #potterhead.

I placed it behind my sink for now but once I decorate for Halloween in full,  I will post more pictures.  I am quite excited about how it turned out.

I have posted the following before but I thought they were worth a revisit for this Halloween spray paint specific post....

Everyone knows I'm a Disney addict.  And so when I saw this pretty white candle holder at GoodWill, in my head I thought HAUNTED MANSION!

I found these glitter Halloween clip ons at WALMART for only 97 cents each.  Oh the possibilities.

Here is the result!  I really like the way it turned out.  I also found the candle for .99 too at GoodWill.

I found this awesome candlestick at GoodWill and the candle for under $5!  I took it apart and painted it black and rubbed it silver.  I found glitter decals at Michaels and I really like the way it looks on my foyer table.  It is very regal like something found in an old Hollywood scary movie.

Last week I stopped in this random thrift store and found these lanterns.  Obviously, the previous owner used them outside and they were pretty beat up and rusted.  They were only $3 each!  So I cleaned them and spray painted them and they turned out like new.  I am so excited because nothing screams Halloween to me like a spooky lantern.

 I have also had these on the shelf in the garage and I have contemplated just donating them because I never knew how I would put them to use.  SO glad I let them sit there.  I spray painted them to match the lanterns and decided to put them to use in the foyer.  I have more work to do on them but they look very cool!  Very old school Halloween.

I found these rusted look candle sconces on clearance at Hobby Lobby in the summer department.  They were ridiculously cheap and of course they found their way into my cart.  I decided to spray them black for Halloween!  They work perfectly at my front door and I!  I placed some flameless candles that flicker - my candles must have that spooky flicker - and they look very inviting.

I hope to post more Halloween pictures in the coming weeks with decorations and ideas.  I would head to your local thrift stores and look for random things you can spray paint for fun and unusual spooky decor!  Good luck and Happy Haunting and Happy Hunting!

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  1. Great ideas, I love the Hogwarts. I'll have to be on the lookout for something similar.