Thursday, March 5, 2015

Open Shelving LOVE! Project complete!

I just wanted to share my completed open shelving project!  A few weeks ago, my large cabinet started to pull away from the wall.  So I removed the cabinet to repair it.  But once the cabinet was down, I really liked the way the counter space opened up.  So I began to research the idea of open shelving.  I must say, I absolutely love it!  It adds a bit of pop to the kitchen and pop is always a good thing.  ;-)

The process of how this open shelving was installed can be seen here.

As a true Disney fan at heart, I like to add smatterings of Mickey Mouse or Disney magic in my projects.  Nothing major, just subtle nuances usually known only to me.  This time, I chose to cover the dividers in the glass jar cubby cabinets in vintage Mickey Mouse cartoon scrapbook paper.  You can't see it from looking head on to the cabinet but I like that it is somewhat hidden.  

Here are my shelves decorated for Valentine's Day.  That chocolate cake is from Hobby Lobby.  It is spectacular and looks SO real.  It was $30 but came down to $18 with the coupon.  LOVE!

The cubby cabinet has worked out wonderfully.  I found these chalkboard tags at JoAnn fabrics!   I also found a thin tip chalk pen that works like a marker but can be erased at any time.  Its very cool.

I like the way it opened up this space in the kitchen and gave me more counter space for tasks.  

This space has gone through quite a few evolutions to get to where it is now...

When I first started to redo my kitchen, I was dealing with brass knobs, hunter green formica and honey pine trim!

I painted the cabinet trim white, changed out the hardware and painted the counters to look like granite.  For details on that process, please click here. 

Next, I painted the kitchen grey blue and added a ledger stone backsplash.  

And here is the current and final result.  I really love the way this looks in my kitchen.

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