Friday, February 14, 2014



I hope this finds your day filled with Love and Laughter.  I will spend the day with the boyfriend, cozy by the fire watching the Olympics from Sochi!  A delicious dinner and then all sorts of goodies such as chocolate, cookies, cupcakes, and wine.  Sounds like the perfect evening.  I don't mind spending the evening in - I have little desire to dress up in a dress and stilettos in this ice and snow.  Wool socks and cozy sweaters have been my wardrobe of choice since December during this epic winter!

I wish you all LOVE today.  Be if from your significant other, parent, sibling, best friend, son, daughter, husband, wife, it doesn't matter because LOVE is LOVE and there is nothing better in the world.  Single, married, gay, straight, I hope you spend the day surrounded by your most favorite people!   I love my readers and wish you a wonderful Valentine weekend!  Go Team USA!

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