Tuesday, January 7, 2014

FROZEN! The Movie and Reality!

Hello!  Happy New Year!  It has been forever since I have posted but one of my resolutions is to blog more and definitely finish some, most and hopefully all of my projects which have been started yet never finished!

As I write this, the windchill is -44 degrees!  As long as the furnace is working and I have enough food, weather extremes such as this are always very exciting to me.  It has been a very snowy and cold winter so far here in Chicago but I don't mind.  In face, I LOVE it!  I love snow, ice and all things winter.

Which leads me to my latest obsession.... the Disney movie, "FROZEN"!  Have you seen it?  Anyone who knows me is full aware of my preoccupation with all things Disney.  I had high hopes for this movie but sometimes, you just never know.  I saw it over the Thanksgiving weekend and I fell in LOVE!  The story, the icy setting, the music, it is all perfectly perfect!

I purchased the Frozen Deluxe Edition soundtrack and it has basically been on repeat for the last month - competing amicably with my beloved Christmas music!  The songs are so fun!  And who can not love Tony Award winner Idina Menzel - broadway diva!  Her version of "Let It Go!" is chilling!  (No pun intended).  Lol!  The other songs such as "Love Is An Open Door", "Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?", and "Fixer Upper" have become fast favorites.  I dance around my house singing songs from this movie a little more than I should ever admit!  Billboard is reporting this could be the NUMBER ONE album next week on the top 200!  Another testament to how awesome the music is!

This has even been my cup of choice as of late!  I have decided just because we are grown up, we don't have to focus on adult problems and drama.   I am going to make 2014 a big year!  I can't wait!

Keep warm!  Happy 2014 and GO SEE FROZEN!  I guarantee you will LOVE it!  Trust me....

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