Saturday, May 25, 2013

Summer Dress Shopping!

Yay!  It's Memorial Day!  To look outside you would never know it.  Here in Chicago, it is cloudy, gloomy and really cold!  I am literally in fleece and jeans but flip flops - it is after all the official start to summer!  I am thinking if I dress like it is summer, summer will notice and come for a nice LONG visit.

So, I have some weddings and events coming up and I really want a new summer dress.  I know we have bunches of them hanging in our closets but there is something about a new sun dress that just starts the summer off right!

This is my dream dress:

But I cannot afford the price tag on this one!  My new obsession is Mod Cloth! - I dare you to not sit on this website for hours just drooling over all their clothes!  I found this adorable navy and white broad stripe dress that is similar:

I love this so much!  I only hope it looks this cute once I try it on - usually it does not!  :-)

Then there is always Lilly Pulitzer - the quintessential summer uniform of the preppy at play.  
Here are some of her Summer 2013 offerings:

Whistler Dress in Resort White Gold Digger - I love the coastal colors on this dress - so pretty!

Ooops - gotta go - more later.  The rain stopped and I have to try and mow the lawn!

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