Monday, April 8, 2013

Stone accent wall in the foyer almost complete...

Since tearing down the wallpaper, this small accent wall was always an idea in the back of my head.  I would check for stone veneer listing on Craigslist and in the big box home improvement stores.

I eventually found some and the price was perfect.  It came to be that this is actual stone - not man made so it was extra heavy and very colorful.  I drove up and loaded it into the car with the help of the seller and his son.  They could not be nicer.  There was a LOT of stone!  :-)

Then I stacked it on the driveway - completely confident that I would have this project done in a week. (Um yeah - I bought this in October).  LOL

From the driveway, I moved it into the garage and that is where it is still sitting.  But the pile is shrinking.  Then the wall preparation began.  I started with a staple gun and some waterproof tar paper.

Next came the metal lath - this stuff just rips your fingers apart - OUCH!

Then you add mortar to create the scratch coat.  I let it dry completely and it was time for stone.  Yay!

I was nervous about starting this so I laid it out on the driveway first.  This actually didn't work too well for me - I liked doing it like a jigsaw puzzle - one piece at a time.  It was actually fun!

Here is the before - the view when you walk into the front door with the scratch coat ready and waiting.

I started with the first row and I was thinking ok, I can totally to this.  :-)  

And I simply worked my way up the wall....

Higher and higher.... until I reached the top!  

And ended with this...

I still have to icing and strike the joints but I am thrilled with the final outcome.  I will post a final reveal picture when I get the area de-mortared.  It is everywhere - even though I put tarps down.  I even have enough to to another wall in the living room.  Sweet!  

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