Sunday, October 14, 2012

Autumn window box and touches of spooky decor ...

The new fall window box adds dimension and touches of Fall color.

Found this rustic green window box in the garage rafters of my best friend's house in South Bend.  I had to talk him into letting me paint it and attach it to the brick but he was pleased with the results.

I love the way the window box added so much to a plain wall and also accentuates the brick design.

Fall front porch at Notre Dame.  GO IRISH!

The spooky Halloween glass shelf in my bathroom.

Even though my entry isn't completely finished yet, I felt the need to decorate for Halloween and finish it up in November when there are less things going on.  

Found these awesome spooky fence decals at WalMart - they are so cool!

I added black shades which I found at GoodWill for 99 cents and orange ribbon from WalMart.  It just adds a touch of whimsy to the entry.  

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