Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New kitchen light is up - an oversized lantern!

Memorial Day weekend was spent battling suppressive heat in the upper 90s, a fever and awful sinus and lung infection.  All of those factors made painting my kitchen ceiling almost impossible.  I finally gave up and only painted the area needed to put up my new kitchen light.  

This is the light I bought back in March at the Habitat for Humanity store in South Bend, IN.  It was new in box and got it for about $28.  

I love this picture from my Pinterest.  I love the oversized lantern in this picture and the black patio doors.   This is definitely one of my favorite inspiration pics.  

Being a holiday weekend, not a lot of people were around to help.  So I decided to pile boxes up on the table to support the light while I wired it and installed the canopy.  It worked very well and I was a little thrilled that I was able to hang it without any help.  :-)

Once I got down off the ladder and looked at it, I was like, "WOW!  That light is huge!"  But then after about twenty minutes, I loved it!  It is perfectly perfect and I am absolutely thrilled.    I cannot wait to get the ceiling painted, the walls finished, the wall treatment completed and the finishing touches on the kitchen.   Still lots to do but I feel I'm well on my way to have it all done by the 4th of July!

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  1. Thanks for linking' up Tracy...love your new light!! Totally one of a kind...love that!

    Finding Fabulous