Friday, November 19, 2010

WELCOME! My front porch facelift!

Once my garage door was done, it was now time to tackle the porch and front door.  My conundrum was whether or not to remove the railing.  Some people see wrought iron railings as a timeless classic and yet I felt it dated the house and constricted the space.  So I removed the railing and actually added a 4 ' x 4' cement addition to go under the stone wall.  I was thrilled with the difference it made.  After I stripped and stained the door the new darker color, I knew I made all the right decisions.  I was so very satisfied with the end result.  The railing?  It is in the backyard as a trellis for my clemaitis.  Recycle whenever possible.  :-)     Here is the BEFORE with the railing and tired, ugly landscaping: 

Here is the AFTER with a much cleaner and polished look!  I cannot wait to decorate it for Christmas!

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