Tuesday, October 18, 2016

86 degrees? Perfect weather for a Christmas Open House!

If you've visited my blog in the past, you know that I'm a Midwestern girl through and through.  Born and raised in Illinois,  yet I have spent countless days in the neighboring states Iowa, Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin.

Just west of South Bend, Indiana is a small town called New Carlisle.  Here you will find the most amazing home interiors store and gift shoppe known as THE VILLAGE SHOPPES!

Since I can remember, every October,  the store puts on the most amazing display of their holiday best!  People come for all over the Midwest just to experience this amazing store and its amazing collections designed by its amazing staff.   It hit a very unseasonable 86 degrees today, and yet, its all about ice, snow and everything CHRISTMAS!

Normally,  at this time of the year here in the Midwest, I am in boots, jeans, a wooly sweater, vest and big cozy scarf.  But today, I was in shorts and a t-shirt and I was STILL warm.  Insane!  But I am totally not complaining because this time next week, it could be snowing.  No joke!

 I've been coming to this store for many years and their holiday display is always a treat.  But I must admit, this year is simply one of the best ever!  Everywhere I turned was a feast for the senses.  The sights, the Christmas music, the scented candles in the air, etc.  Come along with me and explore the awesomeness that is the Village Shoppes Holiday Open House 2016...

 I'm in love with this brushed silver side table!  Absolutely delish!  

This grand topiary placed on top of a table in front of a mirror for a very big statement.  Love it!

SO excited to see brass and gold making a much needed and well deserved resurgence!   

I love the face on this Santa Claus.  It seems as if you were to sit next to him on a bench with a cup of cocoa that he could give you the most profound advice and tell amazing stories.  I love this!  

Who knew barnwood effects and rustic wood could make for such elegant holiday accents!  

This industrial bookcase is gorgeous and so perfectly appointed!  #SWOON

This vintage suitcase cocktail table.  I am almost sure it is from Doris Day's living room!  ;-)

Such pretty presents!  NO PEEKING!  

Oooh a rare sighting of the workshop where all the magic happens!  :-D

THIS!  Such an eloquent display!

I want to jump into this picture and spend December here!  

One of my favorite things this visit was these snowy and shimmery boxwood shrubs!  

This tree just drips with elegance!

Grey with gold!  SO rich!  I'm in love!

Vintage bottle brush trees and shiny glass ornaments for a classic Christmas!

This chest of drawers!  Yum!

Simple elegance of a lantern, a candle and some snow.  PERFECTION!

I love this village scene created on a wrought iron bench!  So charming!

This gorgeous champagne colored tree!  It looked as if a spray of Dom Perignon came to life!

I know these are just Nordic ornaments but I would SO wear this coat and these boots!  Adorbs!

One of my favorite things at the open house this year was this GORGEOUS chair!  The black 
gloss paired with the contrasting fabric.  No wonder Frosty felt the need to make his way inside 
for a closer look!  

I must say that if all the pesky squirrels around my house would wear tartan scarves such as these and say Good Morning,  I think I would actually enjoy letting them eat out of the bird feeder!  Adorable!

  FALL is my favorite season and the Village Shoppes never disappoints when it comes to Autumn Splendour!  These wreaths!  One of each please!

I hope you enjoyed this seasonal pictorial!  If you are ever in Northern Indiana, The Village Shoppes is a MUST DO!  And New Carlisle couldn't be a more charming day trip from Chicago!  

If you would like to see more, check out my posts featuring Holiday Open Houses from years past HERE, HERE,  and HERE!   Visit their website The Village Shoppes!

Happy Holidays!