Sunday, March 5, 2017

Cold Shoulder Dress...

Cold Shoulder Dress...


  1. Love your Blog! Found your site on Pinterest searching for ideas on SHE SHEDS. Love your Tennis Shed. My interest perked........found your blog site and found myself intrigued and delighted. I am a cancer survivor also (uterine). Also, a retired tennis instructor and high school coach. Had to retire because of bad knees and having knee replacement but heck at 72 guess it was time. Your decorating skills are awesome. This is my main interest interior design now. Projects call out to me all the time and like you am not afraid of digging in and doing the work myself. I am originally from Chicago but moved at a young age. Looking forward to your next posts. Going out to my 10x20 shed to start the removal of STUFF and then the fun begins. Have a husband that loves the work I do....hee, hee.

    1. Hello Bobbie! I have abandoned my blog as of late but I have a bunch of projects in the works so I hope to get it back on track! Thank you for stopping in and saying Hello! :-)